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We have been serving our customers and our
communities for years. We promise to bring best
products to our kind customers.

We have been working hard to bring more products
in store. New products have come every month.
At HongKong, we share our passion with our loyalty
customers. Here we come to the 5th anniversary.
Join us on September 22, 2013


We have deployed many programs that help customers and our communities for a better living
in Atlanta. We honor volunteers and sponsors who helped us success with our programs.

Asian communities in Atlanta - GA
included Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai,
Laos, Korean, Philippines, Cambodian,
and Burmese. Although Burmese community
is a new group of refugees residents who
broke free from their communist country
to find freedom in America, it grows
quickly from a few hundreds to a few
thousands residents just in three years.
For those who are new to America, they
definitely need help from other
communities, in order to adapt to
a totally different living environment.

HongKong Supermarket has been working
on a program that help a lot of Burmese
to find jobs, to understand more about
social, culture, and laws in America.
There are more that need to be done,
and HongKong Supermarket are working on it.

One of our best effort is bringing rare
spices to our store. Each ethnic group
need different spices for their daily cook.
We are now carrying special spices for Thai,
Philippine, Burmese, Jamaican, Indian,
African, Vietnamese and more. For those who
love cooking, they can find their favorite
spices at HongKong Supermarket. We also
carry the fresh and special produce such
as Yuca Leaf , Quelite, Pumpkin Leaf,
Pumpkin Flower. For those who love vegetable,
we maintain a large amount of fresh vegetable
that are ready and always available for
vegetarian needs. We also encourage our
customers to participate in environment
friendly program by using reusable bag.
We make our best effort to keep friendly
environment for every one.

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